Black History Month

      A Long Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela has some similarities and differences with Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech. For example in A Long Walk to Freedom Nelson talks a little about himself and how he survived 27 years in jail and how he became South Africa’s first black president. But King’s speech tells how whites are treating blacks unfairly. He also told the people how he had a dream that there would be no more racism. King and Nelson both wanted racism to stop and they both wanted to help black people. 

     Invictus talks about sorrow and sadness. It also says “And yet the menace of the years, finds, and shall find, me unafraid.” which means under all this pain and sorrow he was not afraid. I think they named the movie after the poem because they have the same meaning.

    A hero has to be loyal, courageous, and they have to be focused. Being a hero you have to be unselfish and have respect for others. This picture shows firefighters. I think firefighters are heroes because they save lives and help others. Many volunteer to risk their lives in this job. I think firefighters are very heroic.

End of the Story

 I think everyone should give the Westing Game a try. It is a very good book full of mystery and confusion. You always want to know what is happening next. The Westing Game might not be for everyone, but most will like it. Ellen Raskin did a great job. I enjoyed this book very much. I enjoyed it because I felt like I was apart of the game. I also liked how it gave me chills and I didn’t want to put it down. I wasn’t too exciting when we got this assignment but, I ended up really fascinated by it. If you are looking for a good mystery book to read The Westing Game is your book.

The Westing Game…Rising Actions…

  While everyone was looking through their clues some people got confused, but Turtle Wexler knew just what to do. Her clues said SEA MOUNTAIN AM O. Which were all abbreviations for stock exchanges: SEA, MT, AMO.  Many people thought their clues led straight to the murderer. One pair of partners found out some other people’s clues, so that helped them out.  After an important meeting their was a “bomb”. Mrs. Theodorakis ran out of the kitchen drenched in dripping, red. Now I know what your thinking, she was covered in blood!! But not quite, it was just tomato sauce. Cans and cans of tomato suace exploded! A little later, the same bomber set a can named “Monosodium glutamate” on Mr. Hoo’s restaurant shelf. Turtle thought Mr. Westing wasn’t murdered. There was a THIRD bomb in the Wexler apartment during a party. Nobody was hurt, except for Angela Wexler (bride to be). Her hands were burned and her cheek had a gash on her cheek. Everyone was shocked. Mrs. Wexler was very glad her favorite daughter was not hurt. Oh, and did I mention Sandy McSouthers, the doorman, is Mr. Westing!!

Twists and Turns in The Westing Game

        There have been some mysterious twist and turns as I was reading The Westing Game. After Turtle Wexler told everyone Mr. Westing was dead, they had a professional lawyer come in and discuss the will. Everyone gathered into the dining room and noticed that it was all the families that lived in Sunset Towers. There were exactly 16 heirs. While reading the will, they came upon something very surprising. That day all the families living in Sunset Towers found out that they were the nieces and nephews of Samuel Westing! They also found out that Mr. Westing was murdered…… one of them!! After that they were brought into the ”game room” of the house. It had many utensils used to play games. They were slpit up into groups of 2. Now they have to play ”The Westing Game” to find out whodunnit.

The Westing Game

I am reading a book called The Westing Game. It takes place at an apartment building called Sunset Towers. The Sunset Towers face east. The Westing house also appears in this book. The Westing house is the house of old man Westing. The main setting is in the state of Michigan. The Sunset Towers is the home of many main characters. The Wexler family lives in the Sunset Towers. Their dad is a doctor and the oldest daughter is about to get married. Many other characters are F. Baumbach, Theodorakis, S. Puliski, Hoo, J.J. Ford. Barney Northrup was the man who sold all the apartments to the families. People say Mr. Westing lies dead on his rug. Turtle Wexler was brave enough to go in the Westing house. She isn’t scared of much but, that was changed after she came running out screaming.

    I like this book because it is exciting and mysterious. It is a whodunnit book so it is very interesting. I think everyone should try to read The Westing Game.

Ellen Raskin

 Ellen Raskin- March 1928-August 1984

   Her full name is Ellen Ermingard Raskin. Ellen was an American writer, illustrator, and fashion designer. She described herself as “self-critical, running scared, and a compulsive perfectionist. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She grew up during the Great Depression. She did a lot of coloring, copying, and drawing as a child. She entered at University of Wisconsin when she was only 17. She thought of majoring in journilism, but changed her major to fine art. She was mainly was a children’s writer. She received the 1979 Newbery Medal for her 1978 book The Westing Game. She also got the 1975 Newbery Honor for her 1974 book Figgs and Phantoms. She married Dennis Flanagan. Her first marriage ended in in divorce. After her divorce she moved to New York City and took a job in a commercial art studio. She had one child named Susan. After illustrasting for others, she had an idea for her own book. She loved wordplays and they appeared often in her books. Ellen Raskin was a fantastic artist and author. Ellen Raskin’s work was great then and still great now!Joelle'sbloggingphoto